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Workouts that Will Eliminate Belly Fat

belly fat workouts

Are you finding it difficult to beat that belly fat? Take advantage of these workouts specially designed to make you slim.

Most workouts that aim to reduce belly fat require ab crunches.
We know this can be difficult, so we compiled a list of exercises that are both easy to do and require only a few minutes of your time.

Some useful exercises to your burn belly fat are:

Oblique Roll Back


This exercise works up your belly muscles as well as exercising hand and shoulder muscles.


Sit on the floor with knees bent so that both feet join.

Now join your hands in at the front of your body parallel to the floor.

Exhale and turn backwards with your right hand in the same outward position. This sweeping motion is to be repeated back to the starting position.

Inhale and repeat the same procedure with your left hand.

Duration: 10-15 times for each side in two sets

The Lunge twist


This exercise will not only tone your ab muscles, but also bring your body into a better shape. It has the added advantage of reducing the accumulated fat in the lower parts of your body.


Stand in an upright position, spreading your legs slightly apart. Bend your knees a bit and position your elbows perpendicular to the hips.

Now lunge forward, right leg first. Give a twist to the body and arms in the direction of the leg you have used to lunge forward. In this case, the right direction

Return to the original position by first reversing the twisting action and then rapidly returning to the default position.

Repeat the steps for the left side.

Duration: 16-18 times

Hoop spinning


Not only is this exercise fun, it tones up the waist like magic.

Things you will need: Hoop


Hold the hoop around your body and against your waist

Stand in an upright position, with the right or left leg in a forward position.

Now slowly start to spin the hoop by giving it a shove in one direction. Bending of knees may become necessary.

Try to keep the hoop parallel to the floor.

Another routine dictates that you move your hips backward and forward in an attempt to keep the hoop spinning. This demands rapidly shifting your weight between your legs.

Duration: As long as you like