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Easiest Way to Lose Weight

Easiest Way To Lose Weight

I am sure that you know how challenging losing weight can be if you have ever tried to lose weight.
The challenge is not just about your ability to control cravings as well as eating healthy diet; dealing with your emotions is one of the hardest things to do.
Actually if you are overweight, there are very high chances that you eat based on your emotions and not hunger.
Even though you eat when hungry, you are likely to continue eating even when full because of the feeling that the food is amazing. Haven’t you been at a point where by, you know you are full but want to continue eating because the food tastes good and you only wish that your stomach could take more? I know that I have been in that situation more times than i can remember.
These are just a few of the challenges that you will go through as you start your journey to lose weight.
So, how to lose weight as well as deal with the emotions that come with going on a weight loss journey and embracing a healthy lifestyle? you would definitely adopt life-changing habits geared towards supporting your weight loss goals.

I will mention 10 habits that you need to embrace if you want to lose weight. By the time you are done reading this article, losing weight will be much easier once you embrace these habits.

So Let’s Get Started:

1- Always Shop on A Full Belly:
The worst mistake that you can ever make is going to the grocery store when hungry. Did you know that when trying to lose weight, you are most susceptible when you are hungry? Furthermore, when hungry, you are likely to crave high calorie foods like burgers, french fries, potato chips, pies and sodas as opposed to a nutritious salad or a whole grain sandwich. In any case, the process of eating starts with the eyes. So let’s be real; a burger with some french fries and chicken looks much more sweeter as opposed to some salad with low calorie dressing. you are thus more likely to want to eat such high calorie foods and since you will convince yourself that you are hungry, you are likely to buy such food. Furthermore, these foods will be readily available making it even easier. To avoid this, try shopping when you are full and you will even not notice all the food around you. Actually, I have found that the smell of cookies and cakes makes me want to puke when I am not hungry.

2-Eat Slowly, Chew Every Bite And Enjoy The Taste of The Food:
One of the biggest problems that most people have is not eating slowly and simple enjoying the taste of the food. If you have the habit of quickly galloping your food, it is clear that you are not enjoying your the food. You will find that you are always adding more food in an effort to taste the food because you did not take the time to enjoy the meal. Learning to enjoy every meal you take is important in achieving satisfaction. A great way of ensuring that you savor the taste of each bite is to put your fork down between bites, If you simply hold your fork and never put it down, you are likely to eat too much.

3- Always Eat Breakfast:
Missing breakfast thinking that you are reducing your calorie intake is the biggest mistake that you can ever make. you need to understand that after a long night’s rest, your body needs fuel in order to get your metabolism going. This means that if you do not eat, you are not giving your body the required fuel meaning that your metabolism will slow. When you want to lose weight, you need a high metabolism rate and thus a low one will not cut it but will instead jeopardize your weight loss goals.

4- Drink Water:
Water is very important as it aids in the functioning of all body processes including metabolism. Water is also good as it deals with those hunger pangs most of the times. This is because most people confuse thirst for hunger. When you do not take enough water, Then you will be thirsty. At this state, It will be very easy for you to confuse whether you are feeling hungry or just thirsty. Ia also advise that if you think you feel hungry, take some water first. If after few minutes you still fell hungry, you can have something to eat.

5- Embrace Eating Whole Food, Fruits And Vegetables:
Rather than eat processed foods like fried foods, processed carbs and high sugary foods, you are better off eating whole grains, vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruits. These foods are more filling meaning that you can stay longer time without feeling hungry. You may also want to start eating more proteins like lean meats and legumes as this take a longer time to be digested meaning that you will not feel hungry quickly.
Additionally, the body uses more energy to digest proteins meaning that you will be burning more energy when digesting proteins as compared to digesting carbohydrates.

6-Pick Up A Physical Activity Kind Of Hobby:
Engaging in more physical activities daily is the key to burning more calories. While you can do various non-exercise physical activities, you can also choose a hobby that you enjoy and is physically intensive. This can be swimming, dancing, cycling, aerobics and athletics. The goal is to choose something that you love, which will not make you feel like you are exercising each time you do the activity but rather, you would be feeling excited to do that.

7- Get Enough Sleep:
By getting enough sleep, I don’t mean that you sleep for less hours on certain days then sleep for more hours on other days in order to compensate but rather the need for consistency in your sleep regimen. If you do not have enough sleep, you are likely to be grumpy, have no energy and it can be quite hard to have the motivation and energy to lose weight. If you lack enough energy, you are even likely not to exercise because it will be too hard for you. Furthermore, not sleeping will make you feel depressed. This would probably make you grab some comfort food in order to feel better through releasing feel good hormones. This will lead to erratic eating and thus weight gain. Having enough sleep is crucial to a successful weight loss journey.

8-Embrace Positive thinking:
You are what you think; it is as simple as that. If you think that you are fat, ugly and not good enough, that is what you will become. On a daily basis, start seeing yourself beautiful and healthy weighing what you dream to weigh as well as how good your life is and how much better it would be. It is important that you start attracting positive energy even loss goals. I am sure you have heard of the law of attraction where you  simply attract what you think. The more you start having positive thoughts, the more you start attracting good things in your life and who knows, you may not only lose weight but also keep it off and attract other better things in your life.

9- Learn To  Say No:
Learning to say no is a very powerful tool. Sometimes, you get invited for barbecues and even told how just one barbecued rib will not hurt. Discipline is very important if you want to lose weight and keep off the weight. You need to learn how to say no and not necessarily offend others. You will be amazed at how liberating it will be.

10- Learn To Strengthen Your Will Power:
Willpower is like a muscle; there is so much that it can take and in order for it to take as much, there is need to strengthen. Just as you get out of the gym and you feel like your biceps feel like jelly, so does your willpower “muscle” get too tired when you stretch it to the limit. This means that you need to constantly strengthen your willpower if you want to remain successful in your weight loss journey.
A great way to strengthen your will power is to pick an activity that needs you to override an impulse like sitting straight when you have the impulse to slouch. The key to strengthening your willpower is to take baby steps. Instead of overstretching your willpower by saying that you will not be taking any food overnight, why don’t you begin in eliminating the bag of chips and substitute it for a fruit or salad.